Professional associates

Corporate treasurers have been around for quite some time. The field has become far more professional in an international context, as evidenced by the establishment of professional associations and the gradual development of targeted training programmes. The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) in Great Britain is a prime example of this process. The Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers (DACT) is the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers. The DACT promotes the development of the professional field of treasury in the Netherlands. To achieve this goal, the association organizes numerous activities in the areas of training, knowledge and information exchange and publicity.
The DACT is closely involved in the development of the post-graduate programme in Treasury Management. Programme graduates who become Registered Treasurers immediately qualify for membership in the DACT.
Once every two years, the DACT thesis award is presented to the author of a thesis written as part of the post-graduate programme in Treasury Management. The award has been established to motivate students to write a thesis that has added value for the corporate treasurer. The theses that are submitted are brought to the attention of all corporate treasurers in the Netherlands. There is € 2,500 in prize.