The programme lasts a total of two years, divided into four semesters. The academic year runs from late August until late June. Classes are generally held one day per week (on Thursday afternoon and evening) in the Agorazalen rooms in the main building of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which are specifically designed for post-graduate education. In addition, two-day meetings at professional conference facilities are occasionally part of the programme. Most course modules are completed during five or six half-day sessions. Also, there are occasional workshops that take place during one or two half-day sessions.

The entire programme consists of approximately seventeen course modules, a thesis and a number of workshops. Each module is rounded off with a final assessment which in most cases takes the form of an exam for the relevant module. In some cases, the assessment for a particular module may be based on performance during the course module, such as in group assignments, individual papers or presentations. Occasionally, a particular module's assessment may be based on a final project. Participants who do not receive a satisfactory assessment or who are unable to take part in regular exams will be given the opportunity to take a resit. Exam resits are generally offered at the beginning of the next semester.
The fourth semester is devoted to the thesis. The participant consults with the programme directorate in advance on the choice of topic. A thesis supervisor will be appointed. Participants present and defend the results of their thesis in the presence of their fellow students. The thesis entails students conducting research that is relevant to the corporate treasury field and that meets academic standards. Participants are encouraged to choose a research topic that builds on their own practical experience. 
There are no exams associated with the programme workshops. Attendance and active participation are required.