How to use the schedule

Instruction for using the schedule

  • First make a choice for Programme of Study, Module, Staffmember or Group. You can find these options at the top printed in red characters. 
    Attention: the option Course does not work
  • Then fill in fields 
  • Tip: Using the control-button you can choose for two or more modules or weeks
  • Don't forget the make a choice in the field “Type of Report”
  • When you select “incl. student” you will get a survey of all groups belonging to a course
  • Click on “View Timetable”

Extra information that helps you read the timetable:
Maandag = Monday
Dinsdag = Tuesday
Woensdag = Wednesday
Donderdag = Thursday
Vrijdag = Friday
Tentamen = exam
Hertentamen = re-exam / resit
Hoorcollege = Lecture
Werkcollege = Work group 

HG = Hoofdgebouw = Main building
WN = Wis- en Natuurkundegebouw = Mathematics and Physics building
MF = Medische faculteit = Faculty of Medicine
BV = Bellevue building
IN = Initium (Rechten) = Faculty of Law