Masterclass Digital Platforms & Ecosystems


12:30 - 17:30

VU University, Main building

Masterclass Digital Platforms & Ecosystems

Hans Berends, Fleur Deken, Hakan Ozalp

School of Business and Economics

Business and Organisation

Course / training

On Friday the 2nd of November, we are hosting a masterclass on Digital Platforms & Ecosystems. You will learn what your organization can do with platform ecosystems: How to create platform value? What strategies work? How can you grow and govern a platform

Given the overall trend towards digitalization of products and services, increasingly organizations find themselves moving towards digital platforms and develop ecosystems around such platforms. Digital platforms are emerging in transport (Uber, BlaBlaCar), media (Blendle, YouTube), finance (open banking), hospitality (AirBnB, Couchsurfing), software and apps (Android), entertainment, game consoles, smart homes, and many other sectors and industries. Such platforms facilitate new forms of interaction between different groups of users, and offer opportunities for new forms of value creation as well as potential to disrupt traditional industries.

More information about the masterclass and the possibility to sign up can be found here.