Multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable tourism development




Multi-stakeholder collaboration for sustainable tourism development

M.M. Ferede

prof.dr. A. van Witteloostuijn, copromotor dr. F. Angeli

School of Business and Economics


PhD conferral

When Meskerem Ferede was a young girl growing up in the village of HorroGuduruWollega in Ethiopia, tourism was not in her vocabulary. She had leisure time, but most of that was spent visiting relatives and participating in community activities. For Ethiopians like Meskerem, tourism was a fad that they were unfamiliar with. When she became a student and met foreigners visiting Ethiopia, she became more aware of the natural and cultural beauty of her country, which she had not given much thought to before.

Now she thinks about things like traffic congestion and crowds in her hometown, Addis Ababa, from the perspective of a tourist. She also think about the millions who gather in Bishoftu in September to celebrate Irreecha, the Oromo people’s thanksgiving, and the growth in the number of hotels surrounding the natural attractions and lakes in Bishoftu. She saw the dark side of tourism, such as the ecological toll paid due to uncoordinated building activities. This has led her to ask what can be done to preserve the great beauty of Ethiopia, while at the same time opening it up for visitors worldwide in such a way that it benefits society, the economy, and nature.

Back then, she did not know the difference between ‘collaboration’ taught at university and practices on the ground, but still she felt that collaboration between stakeholders, like communities, the government, and the private sector, could provide a solution. It is to this that she dedicates her research in which she investigates stakeholder collaboration and perception of sustainable tourism in Ethiopia.

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