Mirella Kleijnen wins Best Lecturer Award 2011

Every year the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration rewards one of their lecturers with the Best Lecturer Award.

04/28/2011 | 9:32 AM

Lecturers are nominated by the various student councils, after which all students can vote for their favorite lecturer. Out of this year’s 14 nominees, the final short list consisted of marketing teachers only: Ruud Frambach, Emile Lancée, and Mirella Kleijnen. This is a unique achievement and the student council commends each teacher for their enthousiasm and engagement. The final winner of the award is Mirella Kleijnen, which is motivated by the student council as follows:

'Dr. Kleijnen teaches the course 'Marketing and Marketing Research 1.1' for first-year students of the bachelor programmes IBA and Bedrijfskunde. This course is the first one that these students get at university, but dr. Kleijnen does a very good job every year to make them acquainted to university life.

Dr. Kleijnen is primarily praised for her didactic qualities. She teaches with enthusiasm, is able to share her knowledge, and has the ability to grab and hold the attention of the audience. Her lectures are always interesting and entertaining to follow. Moreover, she also presents the most recent findings in the field of marketing and often invites interesting guest speakers who show how marketing is practised outside university.

Students also indicate that dr. Kleijnen is easily accessible and that she is always open for questions. Furthermore, she stimulates active participation of students by asking them questions during lectures and tutorials.'