Two new papers on innovation co-authored by Ruud Frambach

The December 2010 issue of the Journal of Product Innovation Management features two papers co-authored by Ruud Frambach.

03/23/2011 | 5:21 PM

In the paper “The role of value-informed pricing in market-oriented product innovation management”, Paul Ingenbleek, Ruud Frambach and Theo Verhallen show that the relationship between market orientation and new product performance is strongest if firms integrate value-informed pricing in the new product development process. Value-informed pricing is a pricing practice in which the decision makers base the price of the new product on the customers' perceptions of the benefits that the product offers and how these benefits are traded by customers against the price.

In the paper “Using product bundling to facilitate the adoption process of radical innovations”, Machiel Reinders, Ruud Frambach and Jan Schoormans show that product bundling helps to enhance the evaluation and purchase intention of new and relatively complex products, suggesting bundling to be a suitable strategy for new product managers to enhance benefits and reduce learning costs for radical innovations. However, the authors show this effect only to hold under conditions of high perceived fit among the bundled products, thus representing true ‘product bundles’. Moreover, offering a radical innovation in a product bundle is shown to be especially a potentially fruitful strategy for companies that target customers with little or no prior knowledge in the product domain.

Ingenbleek, P.T. M., R.T. Frambach and T.M.M. Verhalen (2010), "The role of Value-Informed Pricing in Market-Oriented Product Innovation Management", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27, 1032-1046.

Reinders, M.J., R.T. Frambach and J.P.L. Schoormans (2010), "Using Product Bundling to Facilitate the Adoption Process of Radical Innovations", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27, 1127-1140.