Winners Red Bull Case competition Services Marketing Management (IBA/BK)

The winning teams received a nice incentive and were invited to present their idea to management team of Red Bull on June 15.

06/16/2010 | 1:15 PM

This year, for the course Services Marketing Management (IBA and BK) we organized a special assignment for students together with Red Bull. Students were asked to think of an original service innovation idea for Red Bull and write a marketing plan for that innovation. Students worked in teams of three or four students. For the IBA group, 46 teams submitted their innovation ideas/plans. From these 46 ideas/plans, 5 best ideas/plans were selected. For the BK group a vast amount of more than 90 teams submitted their idea, from which 9 teams were chosen. These shortlisted teams got the opportunity to present their ideas/plans to the entire group and most importantly to the Red Bull team, who especially came to the VU campus to attend this session.

The winning team
After 5 presentations of the best ideas, the audience and the jury members (Red Bull team and the lecturers) voted for the winner. The idea of the winning team of the IBA group, consisting of Manon Borel, Thomas Crum, Pieter Hooghoudt, and Tim Wanders, was to develop a “Red Bull theme park in France”. The theme of the park would be “extreme sports”, which connects very well with Red Bull energy drink. Because of its high investments, long pay-off time, and high competition, the plan seemed hard to implement at first. But the winning team made their selling story very appealing to both the audience and the jury members. The team provided a very good market analysis and convinced the audience that this theme park is very unique and has great potential to be profitable in the long run. The other winning team, from the BK group, was very convincing in their presentation of their Parkours idea:  Joost Jongeneel, Jeffrey Kramer and Robin Rijkmans presented a marketing plan for a tournament in a very new and exciting extreme sport: urban running. This involves complex and high risk jumping, climbing, and running in an urban environment.

The winning teams received a nice incentive (VIP tickets to the RTL GP Masters of Formula 3/Red Bull Vettel’s event at the Zandvoort Circuit) from Red Bull and were invited to present their idea to management team of Red Bull. They will be presenting their idea on June 15.

Students were very enthusiastic about this particular assignment for a number of reasons. First of all they thought it was very interesting to do an assignment for a “real” company. They felt as if they were Red Bull’s consultants, which gave them some exposure to real business. Secondly, students really enjoyed this assignment because it was a very good exercise to translate the theoretical knowledge into a real business case. Because it was a real business case, some students came to the realization that launching a new product to the market is far more challenging than they thought. Finally, students liked this assignment because they were competing with each other and were very motivated to win.

Saima Bantvawala & Ingmar Leijen