Erik Mooi wins ISBM Award

Erik A. Mooi (Department of Marketing) wins ISBM award to study the performance effects of technology licenses

02/02/2012 | 10:16 AM

Erik A. Mooi (Department of Marketing, VU University Amsterdam) and Stefan H.K. Wuyts (Koç University Istanbul) have won a prestigious grant from the ISBM (Institute of the Study of Business Markets) of Penn State University.

The grant is intended to study the stock market performance effects of technology licensing contracts. Initial research suggests that the stock market reactions of the licensors and licensees are often positive but that in many cases gains of one party come with stock market losses of the other party. This may be due to too little, or too much, control and coordination in the licensing agreements.

The ISBM was founded in 1983 to expand research and teaching in business-to-business marketing and sales in academia. The ISBM also aims to improve the practice of business-to-business marketing and sales in industry. It is supported by over 70 firms, including Cisco, Deloitte, IBM, SAP, and UBS.

Mooi, EA 
Erik A. Mooi