Arjen van Lin’s paper published in JMR

The first paper of Arjen van Lin’s dissertation has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Research. The paper is co-authored with Els Gijsbrechts and titled “Shopper Loyalty to Whom? Chain versus Outlet Loyalty in the Context of Store Acquisitions”.

06/01/2014 | 11:58 AM

Lin, Arjen vanThe authors examine consumers’ reactions to store acquisitions and their impact on store performance. It posits that consumers may not only be loyal to the chain the store was affiliated to; but also to the particular outlet, which enhances their stay rate after the takeover. Using data from more than 200 markets and acquisitions, the authors study the extent of such outlet loyalty, and how it depends on the positioning tiers of the chains involved. We congratulate Arjen on this milestone in publishing the first paper of his dissertation!

Van Lin, A. and E. Gijsbrechts (2014). Shopper Loyalty to Whom? Chain Versus Outlet Loyalty in the Context of Store Acquisitions. Journal of Marketing Research, 51(3), 352-370. Download the paper here.