Maria Tims receives Veni grant

Researcher Maria Tims (Management and Organization Studies) is one of ten promising young VU Amsterdam scientists to receive a prestigious Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Maria will focus on "job crafting", the process by which employees proactively adjust various aspects of their work to better tailor their job to their individual wishes and needs.

07/19/2016 | 10:00 AM

Maria TimsMaria’s response: “Great news! It’s just fantastic that I will be able to pursue my research for the next three years.”

Job crafting may involve searching for energy sources, such as autonomy, feedback and social support, or boosting challenges in the workplace. However, job crafting also involves reducing any adverse aspects of the work.

Maria is taking this particular context into account because, these days, many people work in one or more teams. This is relevant because each team has its own goals; furthermore, each team consists of a number of individuals, each of whom will also have their own goals, skills, wishes and needs. Accordingly, it is almost impossible for organizations to create jobs that are perfectly suited to every single employee. Thus employees benefit from proactively designing their job requirements to ensure that they are able to work effectively (healthily and productively) within the various teams. But what impact does that have on the other team members and on the organization's goals?

Maria elaborates: “The Veni grant will enable me to carry out three innovative studies in project teams. The results can be used to advise team members and managers, and to help them create work that will enable individual employees to work effectively and healthily, thus strengthening both the team and the organization.”