Geert Mesters nominated for prestigious Christiaan Huygensprize

Geert Mesters, alumnus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics, is one of the three nominees of the prestigious Christiaan Huygensprize of the Royal Academy of Sciences in the Netherlands (KNAW).

09/13/2017 | 1:39 PM

Since September 2015, Geert is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. As part of his PhD thesis at VU Amsterdam he developed simulation methods for the estimation of large sets of parameters in multivariate dynamic models.

Christiaan Huygensprize
The prize is named after the renowned Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), one of the most influential scientists in the seventieth century. The prize is granted each year. Once every four years the prize is devoted to the field of econometrics and actuarial sciences.

Geert Mesters
More information about Geert Mesters can be found on his website.