ARCA Researcher José Hernández interviewed by CNN

Researcher José Hernández recently published a book ‘Broken Business’. He was interviewed about this on CNN. Hernández is working for 'Amsterdam Research Center in Accounting' (ARCA) the research center in Accounting at the department of Accounting from the School of Business and Economics (SBE) of VU Amsterdam.

01/03/2019 | 2:02 PM

Watch the interview here

In his book ‘Broken Business’, José Hernandez shares the decades of experience he has gained during his consultancy work for large international companies in crisis. Broken Business outlines how a company can reach the breaking point and climb out of the valley to come back stronger than ever. This book not only provides a clear analysis of the problem, but also makes clear which seven steps a company has to go through to tackle the crisis and to adjust the structure, culture and strategy, so that integrity and ethical conduct are firmly anchored in the business model. to become.

What do we read in the book?
ING, Volkswagen, FIFA, Wells Fargo, Oxfam Novib, Lehman Bros., ABN-AMRO, Southwest Airlines, Shell, Rabobank, Enron, Deutsche Bank, Panama Papers. Why do good companies go wrong, why are company scandals commonplace? Are corruption and misconduct in business inevitable and what can the top of a company do about it? What can executives do to save their company if a scandal comes to light, or better, what can they do to prevent such a scandal? These are the questions that form the motive for Broken Business.

About José Hernandez
José Hernandez PhD is besides ARCA the founder and CEO of Ortus Strategies, a consultancy with international clients and offices in Switzerland and Canada. He is a well-known leader, entrepreneur and strategic advisor, and his work focuses primarily on supporting multinationals that are involved in high-profile and complex regulatory and white-collar crime cases.