Doctoral Grant NWO for project “From Waste to Taste”

Anna de Visser-Amundson and her PhD supervisor Mirella Kleijnen have received a Doctoral Grant for Teachers by NWO (180,750 Euros) for the project “From Waste to Taste: The effect of Product Cues on Consumer Preferences for Rescued-based Food”.

01/25/2019 | 1:29 PM

Both the project as well as the candidate were evaluated highly by the panel, praising especially the project’s contribution to society, the field experiments already completed, and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the candidate.

The project itself explores how product cues influence consumer preferences for rescued-based products. i.e., products that used rescued food as an ingredient. Imagine for example a restaurant menu that uses left-over tomatoes, pimple pumpkins and crooked carrots in their dishes (the restaurant Instock in Amsterdam is such an example).

Considering that consumers have an inherent resistance to food imperfections and associations with food spoilage such rescued-based products can trigger disgust. In a series of experiments, including field experiments in the restaurant of Hotelschool The Hague where Anna is based, her work considers how the salience of the imperfect origin of rescued-based products through different types of product cues can be used to mitigate such feelings and help social entrepreneurs to develop effective marketing strategies.