Open Access Article: ‘Outsourcing the pain, keeping the pleasure’

Together with Anne Kranzbühler, Mirella Kleijnen and Peeter Verlegh have published their article ‘Outsourcing the pain, keeping the pleasure: effects of outsourced touchpoints in the customer journey’ in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

03/27/2019 | 10:08 AM

The article dives deeper in the so-called ‘touchpoints’ in the customer journey of firms. Kranzbühler, Kleijnen and Verlegh find that organisations often struggle to manage these touchpoints in their customer journeys that consumers perceive as dissatisfying. They examine how branded outsourcing as a strategy could reduce the negative impacts of these touchpoints. In a series of experimental studies, they find that brands can actually reduce the detrimental impact of those dissatisfying touchpoint. Next to that, their findings show that the explanation for the effect of branded outsourcing goes beyond the consumers’ responsibility attributions. As improving the customer experience is a top priority for a large number of companies, the findings in these study are an important read.

Want to read more? The article is open for everyone to read and share. You can find the article here.