Results NSE 2019: VU rises to first place, SBE improves on most fronts

On the 23rd of October, the National Student Survey results 2019 were announced. There is not only good news for the university – a shared first place with two other universities – but for the SBE faculty as well: most of the scores have improved since last year.

10/25/2019 | 10:45 AM

VU Amsterdam has scored well this year in the NSE 2019. The general student satisfaction has improved on almost every level. But there is more good news: the School of Business and Economics have all improved. Mirella Kleijnen, portfolio holder of education SBE: “With the growth of our School we have faced quite some challenges, but nevertheless, we have been able to not just maintain, but even improve a number of scores! We are very proud of all our SBE staff that have made this happen, both on the academic as well as supporting side.”


Thirteen out of eighteen themes improved their scores compared to last year and the themes with largest the increase are scientific skills (Wetenschappelijke Vaardigheden Wo, +0.16), internationalization (Internationalisering, +0.15), study schedule (Studierooster, +0.09), academic counselling (Studiebegeleiding, +0.09).


Delayed Results

The results of the NSE 2019 were delayed due to doubts about the quality of its results because of a revised survey structure and new privacy rules. After an investigation, however, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) concluded that its corrected results are of the same quality as in previous years. Kleijnen: “The results of SBE show that we have maintained many of the improvements from previous years; moreover we realized two more important improvements with ‘academic counseling’ moving to a green score and ‘labor market preparation’ moving out of the red zone.”