Keuzegids 2020: Masters Finance and EOR score excellent

According to the “Keuzegids Masters 2020”, several masters of the School of Business and Economics scored excellent compared to the national average.

05/14/2020 | 11:21 AM

The guide provides insight into how students experience their education with regard to several relevant themes. Compared to 2019, the masters of the faculty performed especially well on the themes  ‘programme’ and ‘assessments’, and most notably on the new theme ’challenging education’.

Finance and Econometrics & Operations Research again rated as excellent
The Master’s programmes in Finance and Econometrics & Operations Research—which also performed exceptionally well  in the previous years—have yet again improved their evaluations in almost all areas, including scientific training, bridging theory and practice, and study load. The masters are also perform outstanding on the theme challenging education.

Additionally, the masters Economics and Spatial, Transport & Environmental Economics also score above the national average. Especially ‘student support and coaching’ and ‘assessment’ of the latter master’s programme received an excellent rating, and both programmes have retained their above average ratings in almost all other areas.

About the Keuzegids Masters 2020
The Keuzegids selects figures from reliable sources, such as the National Student Survey (NSE) and the labor market figures of the Research Center for Research and Labor Market (ROA). Ten themes are selected from the NSE, on which the courses are then assessed. Relative scores are examined, for each theme it is shown whether a program scores equal to, below or above the national average of all programs.

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