VIDI grant for Julia Schaumburg (EDS)

Julia Schaumburg, associate professor at the Econometrics and Data Science department at SBE has received a Vidi grant for her research titled ‘Statistical learning over time: closing the gap between time-series econometrics and the statistical learning literature’.

11/04/2020 | 12:44 PM

Julia Schaumburg is one of the seven researchers at VU Amsterdam who received this prestigious grant. Schaumburg: “Receiving the Vidi grant is a great honor. I am happy that the selection committee has passed this vote of confidence in me, and that it has recognized the relevance and urgency of the proposed research agenda.” With the grant, Schaumburg is able to focus more on research during the next five years. “It will also enable me to build a small team of junior researchers, with whom I will work on the subprojects of the Vidi agenda. I believe that the results will serve as relevant contributions in the growing research area of econometrics and data science.”

Schaumburg’s research for which she received the grant, takes an interdisciplinary perspective that lies in the intersection of two fields (automated statistical learning and time-series econometrics) where substantial progress can be expected. Schaumburg: “Automated statistical learning methodologies are becoming increasingly popular in many areas of data science due to their ability to pick up non-linear patterns in large data sets. At the same time, modern time-series econometrics is in high demand empirically, due to its focus on model instability and time-variation of parameters, particularly in periods of economic and financial distress.”

The research will be conducted by Schaumburg together with a postdoc and PhD candidate during five years. The VIDI grant enables researchers to develop their own innovative line of research and set up their own research group. The School of Business and Economics and VU Amsterdam congratulates Julia Schaumburg on receiving this VIDI-grant.