Three masters SBE are rated above average in Keuzegids 2021

Several master's programmes at VU Amsterdam score above average in the Keuzegids Masters 2021. Master's students assess their own master's programme on criteria such as academic training, programme, supervision, and feasibility. Within SBE, the master’s in Finance and Econometrics and Operations Research score above average. The executive master Finance & Control is also performing above average.

04/01/2021 | 4:12 PM

The master Finance scores particularly well on the criteria of testing, scientific training, and challenging education. But the students are also above average satisfied with the programme, the supervision, the teachers, and the feasibility of the study. Remco Zwinkels, programme director: "It is great to hear that the Master Finance at VU Amsterdam received the ‘above average’ label in the Keuzegids. I am especially happy to learn that students continue to value our efforts in teaching, despite the challenging circumstances during this corona year. Online or physical, we strive to provide the highest quality of education possible."

The master Econometrics and Operations Research also scores above average on these same criteria. Moreover, students are happy with the practical orientation and the facilities that the study programme offers. Eric Beutner, programme director: "Receiving this recognition in these difficult times for students and teachers is a great acknowledgement of the individual and collective efforts of everyone who has contributed to the programme. It feels good to know that the programme and the quality of its courses are highly valued."

In addition to the masters within the regular curriculum, the executive master Finance & Control is also rated above average. Here too, students are particularly pleased with the programme, the teachers, the scientific training, the supervision, and the facilities. The master also scores above average on the criterion of internationalization. Programme director Bert Steens: "The executive master Finance & Control of VU Amsterdam is the first controller programme established in the Netherlands and is constantly working on the innovations that are necessary to properly prepare students and graduates for a position as CFO. Think of innovations in the field of digitization and datafication. For example, robotics, AI and data analytics are integrated into the main subjects of our programme, and the communication skills necessary for an effective fulfilment of this role are also given ample attention in the training, especially in the courses in the field of strategy realization. We contribute to realizing the ambitions of our students who not only want to keep up, but also want to lead the way."


Each year, the Keuzegids is partly based on the National Student Survey (NSE). However, no National Student Survey took place in 2020 due to the corona crisis. The Keuzegids has therefore used the results and assessments from the 2019 NSE. 

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