Welcome to your VU Premaster

Dear (prospective) student,

Welcome to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We are delighted that you enrolled for a premaster program at the School of Business and Economics. In this newsletter, we will provide you with an overview of important information regarding the official start of the academic year, as well as some administrative procedures that you need to conduct prior to your first day at the university. 

Track the status of your application in VUnet

First, please check if your application is complete. If you passed the GMAT with a score of 550 or higher and manage to meet the other admission requirements before 31 January you will be admitted to the premaster and you are able to start the premaster program. 

All steps of your registration for the premaster program must be completed no later than 31 January 2021. Make sure that you have fully registered for your program. This means completing your application in VUnet. In VUnet you can see which requirements or obligations you still need to meet using the status overview. You are only fully registered to the program if you see that the status reads ‘registered’ under the 'my courses' section in Studielink

If you have not completed all the required steps by the earlier mentioned deadline, you are unfortunately unable to start with the premaster program. So keep a close eye on the to-do list in Studielink and monitor your admission status in VUnet and your VU student e-mail. 

When you have fully registered and you are admitted to the premaster you will receive a Proof of Registration and a student card (provided that you have uploaded a photo to VUnet) within 2 to 4 weeks.

Do you have any questions about your application? Please contact the Central Student Desk.

SBE premaster introduction to the program

Prior to the start of the premaster program, there will be an introduction for all students who are admitted to the program. The introduction will provide information on important matters in regards to the start of your program. This message is intended as a timely reminder of the date, so you can plan to attend in the event if you pass your GMAT or GRE in the near future. Make sure to save the date: Friday 29 January 2021, from 10:45 to 13:30 hours. Because of the government restrictions the introduction will be hosted on our digital platform Canvas. Students who are admitted to the premaster will automatically be added to introduction page on Canvas.   

This introduction day will be followed by a social event in the afternoon hosted by our Study Association Aureus.  This is an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with the university and your fellow students and is a great start to your time at VU Amsterdam. If you are interested in this event, please register via the following link


VUnet is the digital environment of Vrije Universiteit. On VUnet you find everything you need to successfully complete your programme. This includes:

  • your personal timetable indicating times and locations of courses and exams
  • Canvas announcements for your specific programme
  • your results
  • courses you have registered for

Course and exam registration

For all courses in the premaster, you need to register in advance in order to be allowed to follow the course. At the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam you always need to personally register for all your courses through VUnet, our student portal. Registering for courses is only possible after your application is complete and you are admitted to the premaster. Your application is complete when you see green check marks on all sections on your application page.  

You can login via VUnet. (To enter VUnet you need your VUnet ID, which is sent to you by email when you applied for the program. 

Once logged in, go to Register for Courses and Exams. To find out what courses you need to register for, go to your specific premaster or check the study guide. We advise you to register for all your courses in the coming period at once. Registration for courses in period 4 is already possible. The deadline to register for courses given in period 4 is 11 January 2021 with a possibility to register last-minute on 26 and 27 January. Has your application been approved after the 11th of January or do you have problems registering? In that case, the program secretariat will register you for the period 4 courses. The secretariat will make sure that all students who are admitted to the premaster are registered for all courses given in period 4. However, you will need to register yourself for the courses in period 5 and period 6. Attached you can find the step-by-step manual to help you register for your courses.

Please note: If you do not register in time, it is not possible to participate in a particular course or take the exam. When you register for a course, please make sure that you enroll for the first exam possibility for that course. Registration always ends 3 weeks before a new period starts and enrollment after the deadline is not possible. Exam-only registration and registration for resits closes two weeks before the day the exam takes place. Make sure that you register for your courses before the deadline. The deadlines for registering can be found here. If by any chance you missed the deadline you can fill in the form ‘Registration after deadline’.   

All course activities that you have personally registered for or registered by the secretariat will appear in your personal schedule on VUnet. Please check your personal schedule every day because it informs you of important information such as schedule changes. 

Period 4 course: Academic Knowledge and Skills

The following message is for the admitted premaster students:

  • Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Administration specializations: Human Resource Management, Strategy & Organization, Management Consulting, Leadership and Change Management, International Management. 

It is not possible to register for Academic Knowledge and Skills (E_PM_AKS) yourself. All students are registered for this course by the program secretariat. 

Students who are admitted to the premaster Business Administration specializations: 

  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Strategy & Organization
  • International Management 

are also required to send an email to indicating their specific specialization. The program secretariat will ensure that everyone is assigned to the correct study group.

Study Books

New students do not receive a list with literature. At the VU-bookstore they know what literature you will need. The mandatory literature can also be found in the study guide and the course manual  of the courses. The course manual can be found in each course in Canvas. Members of Aureus also receive a discount. You can become a member of Aureus here.

Academic advisors

The School of Business and Economics has academic advisors for student counseling.

Academic advisors assist students with study-related questions, e.g. questions on planning. All conversations with academic advisors are strictly confidential.

Are there circumstances that (may) slow or hinder your studies? Do you need extra facilities due to personal circumstances such as extra exam time? Report this to the academic advisor as soon as possible! If necessary, the academic advisor can refer you to the right person or authority for further assistance. 

More information about the academic advisors can be found on VUnet.

Need more time? 

If you have many different questions, want to make a study planning or would like to discuss your personal situation, please make an appointment with one of the advisors via the contact form in VUnet. 

Central Student Desk

Vrije Universiteit has a Central Student Desk. You can contact them with questions about your general student registration, tuition fees, VUnet-ID, courses/exams registration, a declaration of graduation and a certified copy of your transcript of records. They are located in the hall of the main building (opening hours: weekdays from 10.00 till 17.00 hours or can be reached by phone 020 598 5020: weekdays 10.00-12.30 hours and 14.00-17.00 hours. You can also contact the Central Student desk through the following contact form on VUnet.

For all program related questions (grades, application for your  diploma) you can contact the Faculty. Please use the following contact form on VUnet.  

Career Services

“The future depends on what you do today” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Looking for an internship during your Master or preparing for your career after your Master graduation? SBE Career Services offers career workshops, individual coaching, online tools and career guides, and an online vacancy board. You can find more information on the SBE Career Platform (log in via the Career Services button on your VUnet home page) or through the SBE Career Services community on Canvas (all master students are automatically enrolled). 


Please find some general information about the Master’s programme and useful websites below. 

More information about the courses can be found in the study guide. The academic calendar 2020/2021 provides information on semester dates, exam and resit dates and collective holidays. If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the academic advisors please contact the academic advisors.

We hope that you will have a pleasant and inspiring time at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam!