Frequently asked questions

Where can I indicate that I have a disability? 

You can indicate this on VUnet through this link.

Where can I request extra exam facilities? 

You can request this with the study advisors of your faculty. You can find their contact details on VUnet.

Can I still get in contact with the study advisors of my study programme? 

Yes, you can! All appointments and consultation hours still take place. You can check VUnet for the most recent contact details of the study advisors.

Where can I find an overview of my study programme? 

Check and type in your study programme in the search bar.

Where can I can find a year overview of the academic year 2020 – 2021?

You can find that here.

Where do I find the enrolment deadlines? 

You can find the deadlines for enrolling for your specific programme on VUnet

What should do I do if there are circumstances/personal issues that delay or hinder my study? 

Report this as soon as possible to your study advisor. Together we can take a look at what this means for your study progress and what the possibilities are. You can find the contact details of the study advisors on VUnet.

Can I switch study programmes once the academic year has started?

Unfortunately, you cannot switch programmes after September 1st and you will be only be able to start a new programme in September 2021. Of course, you can discuss other possibilties with the study advisor via VUnet

How does SBE support me with my career development? 

SBE Career Services provides career-related advice, workshops and events tailored to all students of the School of Business and Economics. Throughout your programme, you can work with our team of professional coaches and trainers to get to know yourself, try to figure out what you want and what you are good at. Our workshops cover important topics to help you get started in your career, such as: finding the right job, knowing your strengths, acing the interview, networking and CV & cover letter advice.

How do I stay up to date about the career services events agenda? 

Create your account at our careerplatform and join our canvas community to stay updated about all our services and events agenda. For questions you can contact

Where can I find more information on internships? 

If you are interested in an internship, have a look at the internship manual on VUnet. If you have remaining questions after reading the information on VUnet, get in contact with the internship coordinator of your programme or schedule an appointment with Career Services. You can also visit the vacancy board to get an impression of possible internship positions.