International Conference of the Dutch HRM network

Capitalizing on Diversity in HRM Research
6th International Conference of the Dutch HRM network
13 & 14 November 2009
VU University, The Netherlands

with keynote presentations from Luc Sels and Sharon Parker
Jointly organised by Department of Organizational Behavior & Development
VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Department of Human Resource Management & Organization Behaviour
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deadline for Proposals for Papers: 10th April 2009
Following the success of its first five international conferences, "Human Resource Management: confronting theory and reality" (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1999), "Organisational Renewal: challenging human resource management" (University of Nijmegen, 2001), "Innovation HRM?" (University of Twente), "The value of HRM?!" (University of Twente, 2005), and "In Search of Balance: Managing the dualities of HRM" (Tilburg University), the Dutch HRM Network has the pleasure of announcing its 6th International Conference to be held at VU University on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November 2009 with the title " Capitalizing on Diversity in HRM Research".
Research in HRM is highly diverse in themes, levels, perspectives, methods, subjects and stakeholders. Research questions are guided by practice, but also theory-driven. Studies can be macro-, meso- or micro-oriented, with topics ranging from cross-national and industry based influences on HR policies to intra-individual motivational processes in the workplace. This immense diversity can be seen as one of the strengths of HRM research, but can also be considered a weakness: too little focus, no uniform paradigm, difficult to fit into an unequivocal academic tradition or discipline. This conference aims to highlight HRM research in its full diversity and build bridges between the many different perspectives. It aims to start conversations between HRM researchers from different backgrounds and help leverage (or capitalize on) this diversity to spark new and groundbreaking ideas in our field that are of both academic and practical importance.
Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has been witnessing a great increase in diversity from ethnic minorities as well as residents from Europe and abroad, ultimately contributing to its diverse and lively culture. At 45%, Amsterdam has a high proportion of ethnic minorities compared with the rest of Europe. The population register now contains over 150 different nationalities. In less than a decade, half the population will be of foreign origin. The City recognizes the value this diversity has on society and culture and has created policies to reinforce this. Therefore, the diverse capital of the Netherlands inspired the conference to focus on celebrating diversity and trying to maximize its potential benefits for HR research as our theme. You are welcome to join us in Capitalizing on Diversity in HRM Research!
Some of the papers will be invited for a special issue of Personnel Review.
This conference is sponsored by Personnel Review and KPN.
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