The mission of Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) is to promote excellence in knowledge creation and dissemination in business and organisation studies across both academic and business communities. By being positioned in the midst of the business district of Amsterdam Zuidas, the institute has both a strategic and a societal role of serving as a link for these two communities. This link is important if we are to see more sustainable and responsible business in the future.

ABRI’s activities concern two areas, a research institute and doctoral education. The following faculties participate in ABRI:

  • School of Business and Economics (VU Amsterdam)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (VU Amsterdam)
  • Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Amsterdam)

ABRI’s doctoral education is currently offered through three programmes:

  • ABRI Full-time PhD Programme
  • ABRI Executive PhD Programme  
  • MSc Honours Programme in Business Research

For more information visit the ABRI website www.abri.vu.nl.