A community of researchers

The research programme of RITM is executed by a consortium of researchers from various universities, research institutes and private and public companies. All researchers in the programme:

• have an international orientation
• are members of highly valued international research communities
• publish in outstanding academic journals

'All RITM researchers are highly qualified academic experts'

The funding of the programme is through first and second (NWO) stream financing and through commissioned projects, provided that these projects meet high academic quality standards and that the results of the projects can be published without interference of the commissioner. All participants that are admitted to the programme may benefit from additional financing by sponsors through the Stichting TransactielandHandelsland.nl. This sponsorship acts as an incentive for academic researchers to join the programme. An important purpose of the programme is to foster interaction between academic researchers, experts from companies, and civil servants engaged in policy preparation. This ensures that the programme meets the wish for more knowledge transfers between academia and the public and private sectors.

'RITM bridges the knowledge gap between industry, government and academia ' 

Key reserachers in the group are:
Prof. dr. Frank Butter
Prof. dr. Henri de Groot



                                                                           RITM 2
                 Knowledge on value creation through transactions in the era of globalization