Facilities and policies

The following pages contain facilities and policies that affect PhD students appointed at the School of Business and Economics.

PhD Agreement
PhD Fund
PhD Premium

Procedures at the end of the PhD project

Below you will find an overview of the procedures around receiving you doctoral degree. This includes a list of the doctoral regulations, a time scheme, and an overview of the university agencies that are most important for you, and the forms you will have to fill out.

Time Scheme

In this time scheme you will find a summary of the most important tasks you must complete before the date of your graduation.
More than five months before you graduate
Fill in the “intentieverklaring” or declation of intent (form I).
Five months before you graduate
Send the dissertation to the reading committee
Three months before you graduate
Receive the approval of the dissertation committee
Fill in the Form II
Make appointment with the pedel + plan the graduation day
One and a half months before you graduate
Send the dissertation to the printers
One month before you graduate
The pedel must have received the dissertation

What is what?

Form I
This is a kind of statement of intent that you will sign once you are close to successfully completing the dissertation. An official copy of your diploma and a short description/summary of your dissertation.
This must be approved by the doctoral committee of the School (this takes a number of weeks). Then it goes to the “College van Decanen” or Board of Deans of the VU who confirm your supervisor, your co-supervisor, and your expected graduation date.
Form II
This form must be signed a minimum of 3 months in advance of your planned graduation date. At this time it must be signed by the chairperson of the doctoral committee and sent to the Board of Deans. This is possible only once your dissertation has been approved by the reading committee.
The Board of Deans
The “College van Decanen” (CvD) or Board of Deans is comprised of the deans of the twelve faculties of the VU and it falls under the power of the “rector magnificus” or headmaster.
The CvD advises the “College van Bestuur” or Management Board about education and scientific practice at the VU, among other matters. As the highest advisory body in the academic realm, it also comprises the “College voor Promoties” or Doctoral Board. The Board of Deans also confirms your supervisor, co-supervisor, and your (expected) graduation date.
The Pedel
The pedel is a master of ceremony for official events at the university such as doctoral graduation ceremonies  and keynote speeches.
He or she is the person with whom you must plan the graduation date, and the person who helps you with the practical organization of the graduation ceremony. You can contact the pedel at the following address, phone number, and e-mail address: 
Bureau Pedel
De Boelelaan 1105 kamer 2D-05
1081 HV Amsterdam
Tel: 020-5985309
Email: pedel@vu.nl