Hermine Weijland Fellowship: Assistant Professor

The selected Fellows will be offered:

  • a tenure track position in the position of Assistant Professor which, upon successful completion, will lead to an appointment as Professor;
  • 50% research time, over a three-year period. In the following years, research time will be allocated on the basis of research output, up to a maximum of 50% (and, while in the position of Assistant Professor 2, with a minimum of 40%)
  • supervision of a PhD candidate;
  • an attractive research budget to be used for scientific publications, the preparation of applications/requests for indirect and commercial funding, and attending conferences;
  • personalized support from the VU Grants Desk and the SBE Research Office for the preparation of VENI/VIDI/VICI/ERC grants;
  • following consultation, coaching in the form of participation in the VU Mentoring scheme for talented academic personnel or some other form of individualized coaching.

Target Group

The Hermine Weijland Fellowship focuses on promising scientists who specialize in research in the field of Economics and Business Administration. Candidates are expected to distinguish themselves through their well-defined teaching and research profile and their clear potential and ambition to achieve the position of full professor.

Entrance Requirements

We are looking for female candidates who meet the following requirements:

  • a PhD degree;
  • excellent track record in research, with a high quality job market paper;
  • one paper without the candidate’s previous (PhD) supervisor is highly recommended;
  • teaching experience, with positive teaching evaluations (the candidate must complete the Basic Teaching Qualification within two years after her appointment);
  • description of research plan for the next five years, including a section on knowledge utilization resulting from the proposed research.

Terms of Employment and Procedures

Hermine Weijland Fellows who enter as an Assistant Professor receive a temporary employment contract for a period of six years and are included in the Tenure Track System. Depending on the Fellow’s profile and CV, the Assistant Professor will be placed at salary grade 11 or 12. By no later than the end of the fifth year, the Tenure Test will take place and, if passed, the Fellow’s employment contract will be converted into a permanent contract. For Assistant Professor 2, this is accompanied by a promotion to Assistant Professor 1.

Due to the demanding entrance requirements, many Assistant Professor Fellows are expected to meet the tenure requirements within two years.

After obtaining tenure, Hermine Weijland Fellows are expected to progress towards the level of Associate Professor 2. A dossier relating to an application for promotion will be submitted to the SBE Appointments Committee within three years, in order for the criteria for Associate Professor 2 to be evaluated, as specified in SBE’s Career Path for Academic Staff Members. In the event of a positive result, the staff member will be promoted to the position of Associate Professor 2. The same route will be followed within (no more than) two years in relation to promotion to the position of Associate Professor 1.

Within (no more than) three years, and in consultation with the head of department, a dossier will be submitted to the HWF steering committee in order to evaluate with the HR Division whether the Fellow is eligible for promotion to the position of professor under the established criteria. If the steering committee’s evaluation is positive, the nomination process will be initiated after the approval of the SBE Board.