Specific regulations

Regulations for pregnancy and maternity leave
Researchers who have been on a pregnancy and maternity leave during that period, are allowed to submit their five best publications over the past six years.

Regulations for part time researchers
The special regulations for part time researchers are set out in the table below. The principle underlying this ruling is that part time researchers can spend less time in producing scientific output, compared to full time colleagues, and are allowed under this regulation to double count their best publication(s). The extent to which publications can be double counted depends on the researcher's appointment and can be read from the table below.

appointment fte (average) 5 or more publications4 publications   3 publications 
0.81-1.00  12345 1234123
0.71-0.80   123441234123
0.61-0.70  1233412344123
0.51-0.60  12234123341233
0.50 and less   11223122341223

1= best publication
2= second best publication, etc.

When a researcher has less than 3 publications, the score will not be adjusted. The average appointment in fte will be calculated over the part of the 5-year period during which the researcher was appointed at SBE.

Researchers who want to use this regulatuion must state this explicitly. They also have to show that they could not do any research outside the SBE-appointment (for example: a researcher who works for 0,5 fte at another faculty, is not allowed to appeal under this regulation.

Regulations for contract researchers
Departments receive a premium of 5000 euros for every fte of contract researchers, PhD students inclusive.    
The premium can be spent on research related activities (conferences, traveling, seminars, academic guests, research assistants, etc.).  .
The premium is only meant for contract researchers and not for researchers working on NWO grants.       
Contract researchers cannot appeal under the standard regulations for the allocation of research funding from the School.