Quality and Impact

The mission of any academic research institute should be to enable its staff to push forward the boundaries of scientific knowledge. In practice, the School of Business and Economics aims for high quality theoretical and empirical research, leading to publications in top-level journals. Such research is closely aligned to the specialisations and core contents of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes offered by SBE in the fields of Economics and Business Administration; thus we warrant the basic university remit to provide its students with research-led teaching and education. High quality research also can further another aim, namely providing impact to policies and practices at firms, government and society in general.

In line with this overall mission statement, research within the faculty is organised within two research institutes, the Tinbergen Institute (TI) and the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). These institutes create research capacity through postgraduate training in Economics and Business Administration and provide an environment conducive to high-quality research. In the ABRI, SBE collaborates with the University of Amsterdam, and in the TI with both the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

On the following pages you will find evidence of the scientific quality and societal impact of the research that is conducted at the School of Business and Economics.