Quality and Integrity


The quality of our research is assessed every six year by an external evaluation committee. The latest research assessment took place in 2015 where the evaluation committee chaired by professor Arie Kapteijn assessed the research period 2008-2014.

In this recent research assessment SBE’s research was characterized as very good overall and excellent in some key areas. Both the economics and the business research were assessed and both received very high scores:

Quality: Very good (2)
Relevance to society:Very good (2)
Viability: Excellent (1)

Six universities participated in this research assessment of economics and business: Vrije Universiteit, University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, University of Groningen, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Maastricht University. The Tinbergen Institute was assessed as well. The University of Groningen en de Vrije Universiteit received the highest scores. We would like to thank all the faculty members who have contributed to this success.

Some remarks from the committee in the report:
“The committee concludes that the research produced by the unit is very good overall and excellent in some key areas. It makes scientifically sound contributions to the analysis of topics of substantial societal relevance, and fulfils the objectives of the units’ stated strategy”

“The productivity goals and strategy are well-defined, with strong incentives for top quality publications and top grants in the tenure track”

Read the full version of the assessment report and former assessments here.


The scientific enterprise depends to a large extent on trust. Our researchers trust that the scientific knowledge on which they base their own research is reliable, scrupulous, objective and impartial. In turn, academics from around the globe trust that our researchers apply appropriate methods of inquiry and analysis, report results honestly and accurately and maintain high standards of ethics and integrity themselves as well.
This trust-based quality assurance system requires from everyone involved in research to behave responsibly and ethically. The responsible conduct of research is considered a key priority at the School of Business and Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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