Developing your research proposal

The SBE Research Office can support you in developing your research proposal. Of course, for the innovative ideas and scientific content you should gain advice from your peers in your research unit. For more generic parts of (particularly EU) proposals, however, we can help in providing good, standard texts. We can also bring you into contact with other faculty who have secured similar grants. Note that checks on your budget and on legal issues of your proposal deserve special attention.

Budgets and budget check/support

Before you submit any proposal, the explicit approval of the project control department is required. Of course, this is also to your advantage: a check by project control guarantees that the costs included in your budget are eligible and properly categorized, taking into account future increases in salary costs, overhead issues etc. In this way, financial risks are minimized. Note that without approval of the project control department, the School cannot be held responsible for any financial problems occurring during or after project execution.

Legal checks

The same holds for legal contracts: Research Office works closely with legal experts who can assess research contracts and agreements. The School’s Managing Director signs these documents only after explicit consent of a legal advisor and the financial department.