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Recent Top Publications of SBE Members:


Anderson, S.W., Dekker, H.C. & Abbeele, A.G.H.L. van den (in press). Costly Control: An Examination of the Tradeoff between Control Investments and Residual Risk in Interfirm Transactions. Management Science.

Barra, I., Hoogerheide, L.F., Koopman, S.J. & Lucas, A. (in press). Joint Bayesian Analysis of Parameters and States in Nonlinear, Non-Gaussian State Space Models.Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Basturk, N., Grassi, S., Hoogerheide, L.F., Opschoor, A. & Dijk, H.K. van (in press). The R-package MitISEM: Efficient and Robust Simulation Procedures for Bayesian Inference. Journal of Statistical Software

Bauer, J., Franke, N & Tuertscher, P.R. (in press).Intellectual Property Norms in Online Communities: How User-Organized Intellectual Property Regulation Supports Innovation.Information Systems Research. doi: 10.1287/isre.2016.0627

Blasques, F., Koopman, S.J., Mallee, M.I.P. & Zhang, Z. (in press). Weighted Maximum Likelihood for Dynamic Factor Analysis and Forecasting with Mixed Frequency Data. Journal of Econometrics.

Bormann, C., Schaumburg, J. & Schienle, M. (in press). Beyond Dimension two: A Test for Higher-Order Tail Risk. Journal of Financial Econometrics.

Botshekan, M. & Lucas, A. (in press). Long-term versus short-term contingencies in asset allocation. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Dabia, S., Demir, E. & Woensel, T. van (in press). An Exact Approach for a Variant of the Pollution-Routing Problem. Transportation Science 

Eguchi, H., Shimazu, A., Bakker, A.B., Tims, M., Kamiyama, K., Hara, Y., Namba, K., Inoue, A., Ono, M. & Kawakami, N. (in press).Validation of the Japanese version of the job crafting scale. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Engel, Y., Burg, J.C. van, Kleijn, E. & Khapova, S.N. (in press). Past career in future thinking: How career management practices shape entrepreneurial decision-making. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Ferguson, J.E. & Soekijad, M. (in press). Multiple interests or unified voice? Online communities as intermediary spaces for development. Journal of Information Technology.

Frijns, B., Gilbert, A. & Zwinkels, R.C.J. (in press). On the Style-Based Feedback Trading of Mutual Fund Managers. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Gautier, P.A., Bartelsman, E.J. & de Wind, J. (in press). Employment protection, technology choice, and worker allocation. International Economic Review

Gautier, P.A. & Holzner, C.L. (in press). Simultaneous search and efficiency of entry and search intensity. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Glaser, L., Stam, W. & Takeuchi, R. (in press). Managing the risks of proactivity: A multilevel study of initiative and performance in the middle management context. Academy of Management Journal.

Gong, M., Lin, M. & Zwinkels, R.C.J. (in press). Forecasting Crashes: Correlated Fund Flows and Skewness in Stock Returns.Journal of Financial Econometrics.

Grinsven, M. van, Heusinkveld, H.S. & Cornelissen, J. (in press). Translating management concepts: Towards a typology of alternative approaches. International Journal of Management Reviews, 18 (3)

Guastaroba, G., Speranza, M.G. & Vigo, D. (in press). Intermediate Facilities in Freight Transportation Planning: A Survey. Transportation Science

Guimbert, S & Oostendorp, R.H. (in press). Weathering the Storm: Input Smoothing by Cambodian Firms during the Global Financial Crisis. Economic Development and Cultural Change

Hurk, E. van der, Koutsopoulos, H., Wilson, N.H.M., Kroon, L.G. & Maroti, G. (in press). Shuttle Planning for Link Closures in Urban Public Transport Networks. Transportation Science

Jansen, J.J.P., Kostopoulos, K.C., Mihalache, R.O. & Papalexandris, A (in press). A socio-psychological perspective on team ambidexterity: The contingency role of supportive leadership behaviors. Journal of Management Studies

Javorcik, B. & Poelhekke, S. (in press). Former Foreign Affiliates: Cast Out and Outperformed? Journal of the European Economic Association

Kangur, A., Bockarjova, M., Jager, W. & Verbrugge, R. (in press). An agent-based model for diffusion of electric vehicles. Journal of Environmental Psychology

Ketel, N., Linde, J., Oosterbeek, H. & Klaauw, B. van der (in press). Tuition fees and sunk-cost effects. Economic Journal

Kouwenberg, R., Markiewicz, A., Verhoeks, R. & Zwinkels, R.C.J. (in press). Model Uncertainty and Exchange Rate Forecasting. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Lin, A.I.J.G. van & Gijsbrechts, E. (in press). The Battle for Health and Beauty: What Drives Supermarket and Drugstore Category-Promotion Lifts?International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Lucas, A., Schwaab, B. & Zhang, X. (in press). Modeling Financial Sector Joint Tail Risk in the Euro Area. Journal of Applied Econometrics

Moraga Gonzalez, J.L., Sandor, Z. & Wildenbeest, M.R. (in press). Prices and Heterogeneous Search Costs. Rand Journal of Economics

Nguyen, D, Leeuw, S.L.J.M. de & Dullaert, W.E.H. (in press).Consumer behaviour and order fulfilment in online retailing – A systematic review. International Journal of Management Reviews.

Nucera, F., Schwaab, B., Koopman, S.J. & Lucas, A. (in press). The Information in Systemic Risk Rankings.Journal of Empirical Finance

Risi, D. & Wickert, C.M.J. (in press). Reconsidering the ‘symmetry’ between institutionalization and professionalization: The case of corporate social responsibility managers. Journal of Management Studies.

Schneider, A., Wickert, C.M.J. & Marti, E. (in press). Reducing complexity by creating complexity: A systems theory perspective on how organisations respond to their environments. Journal of Management Studies

Silva Montalva, H.E., Lindsey, C.R., Palma, A. de & Berg, V.A.C. van den (in press).On the Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in the Bottleneck Model with Atomic Users. Transportation Science.

Schwaab, B., Koopman, S.J. & Lucas, A. (in press).Global Credit Risk: World, Country and Industry Factors. Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Vlasov, S.A., Bahlmann, M.D. & Knoben, J. (in press). A study of how diversity in conference participation relates to SMEs' innovative performance. Journal of Economic Geography.

Wickert, C.M.J., Scherer, A. G. & Spence, L. (in press). Walking and talking corporate social responsibility: Implications of firm size and organizational cost. Journal of Management Studies.

Zaerpour, N., Yu, Y. & Koster, R.B.M. de (in press). Small is Beautiful: A Framework for Evaluating and Optimizing Live-cube Compact Storage Systems. Transportation Science


Adler, M.W. & Ommeren, J. van (2016).Does public transit reduce car travel externalities? Quasi-natural experiments' evidence from transit strikes. Journal of Urban Economics, 92 (March), 106-119.

Albrecht, J., Gautier, P.A. & Vroman, S. (2016). Directed Search in the Housing Market. Review of Economic Dynamics, 19 (January), 218-231.

Andrée, B.J.M. & Koomen, E. (2017).Efficiency of second generation biofuel crop subsidy schemes: spatial heterogeneity and policy design.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 848-862. doi: 10.1016/j.rser.2016.09.048

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Babic, A., Sotgiu, F., Valck, K. de & Bijmolt, T.H.A. (2016). The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Sales: A Meta-Analytic Review of Platform, Product, and Metric Factors. JMR. Journal of Marketing Research, 53(3), 297-318.


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