The SBE Research Office is your first contact for questions on research-related activities of the School of Business and Economics of VU Amsterdam.

For our researchers, we offer advice on and support for funding, contracts, budgets, data management, valorisation, and project management.
For our external contacts, we are your first contact if you are looking for collaboration opportunities with one of our scientific experts.
For SBE, we coordinate all internal research-related policies, output administration (Pure) and the school’s annual output assessment and research time allocation.

The Research Office provides support for research-related activities. More specifically, we offer:

  • information and advice on funding opportunities
  • support for the development and submission of research proposals with respect to legal, financial, and administrative issues
  • advice on project design and management

In addition, we:
  • offer a single point of entry for outside partners to collaborate with us on research related activities
  • systematically collect and document information on research activities within SBE
  • are in direct contact with experts within VU Amsterdam (e.g. Subsidiedesk, International Office, IXA) and outside VU Amsterdam (e.g. NWO, RvO)
  • collect and disseminate information on best practices

Do you need help with practical, financial, administrative, or legal issues? We can give you advice on how to develop your idea into a research proposal and support you in all the steps of the grant application. Contact us at