SBE Research Ethics Review Board

About the RERB

The Review Ethics Review Board (RERB) supports that research involving human subjects is carried out in compliance with relevant institutional, national and international ethics regulations and legal requirements.

The RERB currently consists of the following persons:

Chair: Harmen Verbruggen

Members: Martijn van den Assem (Finance), Fleur Deken (KIN), Femke van Horen (Marketing), Menusch Khadjavi Pour (Spatial Economics), Maria Tims (Management & Organisation).

Secretary: Kacana Khadjavi Pour

When to apply

SBE requires researchers to review all studies that involve (data of) human subjects on ethical issues. The goal of the RERB is to help researchers make their study ethically acceptable. Therefore, the RERB only handles applications of studies that have not yet started.

Every researcher can do the online self-check and/or hand in a full ethics application. When you are a PhD-student, please include the name of your promotor.

In case your study is medical in nature, please apply for ethical approval at the medical-ethical review board of Amsterdam UMC.

How to apply

The RERB acts according to the ‘comply or explain’- principle. When your study design complies to the criteria in the online self-check, further ethical review is not needed. When your study design does not comply, you can explain your reasons in a full ethical review.

Steps to follow as a researcher:

0.Does your study involve (data of) human subjects?

If it does, proceed to step 1. In case it doesn’t, ethical approval of your study is not needed.

1. Online self-check

The first step in the review process is the online self-check. With this tool, you can check whether your study needs full ethical review. In case the conclusion of the self-check is that your study does not need full ethical review, you will receive a PDF with the given answers on the self-check, and a statement by the RERB that your research complies with SBE’s ethical guidelines. You can use this document for further communication, e.g. when submitting a paper to a journal, or a research proposal to an external funding agency.

Click here to start the self-check.

2. Full ethics review application

If the self-check concludes that your study needs a full ethical review, you can fill out the application form here and send it to

3. Advice

After reviewing the application, the ethics committee will decide whether the proposed study is in accordance with the SBE guidelines for research ethics, and, if needed, give advice to improve the research design. The committee may consult external experts for the assessment of applications. It is possible that the committee asks you for more information or to make adaptions to your study design before it concludes that it conforms with the SBE guidelines.

You can expect an ethical advise as soon as possible, but not later than 12 weeks after application.


For questions and submissions of application forms, contact the secretary of the RERB, Kacana Khadjavi Pour.