Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom chair

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has launched the Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom* (FDL) chair programme in order to promote female scientific talent on its way to the top and to address the lack of female professors. Female assistant and associate professors are proposed for the FDL chair by the faculties and are appointed for a maximum period of 5 years. The FDL professor will then be offered a full professorship if she has performed successfully. All FDL-candidates of the first period 2005-2010 have been installed as professor during or after the FDL-professorship. The FDL chair helps faculties to identify female talent within their organization and remove the last obstacles to a full professorship.

Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom professors

Anna Gold

Anna Gold
Professor of Auditing

Svetlana KhapovaSvetlana Khapova
Professor in Careers and Organization Studies
Herk, Hester van 80x100Heser van Herk
Professor in Cross-Cultural Marketing Research
Hofkes, Marjan 80x100Marjan Hofkes
Professor in Environmental Economics

* Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom
(1913-2004) studied Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and obtained a PhD in 1937. During WWII she defended people who were arrested for their resistance work, together with her husband. Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom studied the bible on the position of women in society and published several books about the relation between men and women. Mostly she is known for her fight for passive women voting rights in her party, the Anti-Revolutionaire Partij (ARP).