Well-being for PhD’ers

The corona crisis has made it more difficult for a PhD candidate to collect data and there is less contact with, for example, supervisors and day-to-day guidance. This makes obtaining a PhD more difficult than before. Not only PhD students who are in the last eighteen months of their project experience delays as a result, but also PhD students who are at the start of their project are affected by the corona limitations. The Faculty Board has looked into possibilities to offer PhD students more space in their PhD trajectory.


Your PhD contract can be extended by becoming part of the "flexible shell" that every department must adhere as a PhD candidate. The difference between PhD salary costs and the standard salary costs of a "flexible shell" lecturer can be used for more research time. As a doctoral candidate you have to teach about 60% to get 40% research time on top during an extension. The possibility and the length of an extension are determined by your department and in consultation with your supervisor. If you provide extra education during your regular contract period, your contract can be extended afterwards on the basis of the same logic.

This differs per department. Discuss with your head of department or supervisor whether there are possibilities for an extension other than the option mentioned above.

As an SBE PhD candidate, you can contact the confidential advisor if problems arise during your PhD trajectory. Depending on the matter, the confidential advisor can refer you to another person, such as the confidential advisor for academic integrity or the confidential advisor for personnel.

If a situation or dilemma arises in which you need advice on how the code of conduct for academic integrity should be applied, you can contact the confidential advisor for scientific integrity. This is the case, for example, if there are differences of opinion about the order of authors for a publication or if you have the impression that a reference to your work is missing.

On this page you will find all contact persons.

PhDs are the only group of employees who are allowed to visit VU Amsterdam more often if you can do your work better on campus. Of course you must first report this to the contact person or the secretariat of your department.