Career Prospects

Generally, Accounting provides good prospects for finding a job within the field of your study.

There are also several post-graduate courses in Accounting, most of which are provided within the university. For more information you can look on the PGS-website.

Various other fields also offer postacademic education.

For more information about training for registeraccountant or controller you also can look at the website of professional organizations as the NIVRA and the Controllers Instituut which is a coöperation of the VRC and the FINAS (NIVRA).

If you are interested in a career as researcher in the field of Accounting, you will find information on the sites of the NWO (Netherlands Organization of the Sciences) het Tinbergen Instituut, het Limperg Instituut or you can look on the Faculties' sites Research Programmes or PhD. For the position as student and employee when applying for a place as researcher send an e-mail to our academic advisors: