Introduction Accounting

The department of Accounting provides teaching on the branches Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management Accounting and Control. Courses are given on several levels, from the basics to advanced courses for Thesis- and Masters students.

Introduction on Business Law

Changes in the legal environment are a major source of new 'strategic windows'. Studying business law enables students to understand the national and international sources of new acts and rules thus enabling them to provide input into strategy development processes. At operational level the law provides a toolbox of opportunities ranging from employment contracts to mergers, to support the succesful implementation of strategies. Knowledge of the legal opportunities and pittfalls is essential for managers.
The Section Business Law provides with courses for the following branches: Economics, Business Administration and postgraduate programmes.
The Section Business Law consists of: J.-B. Huizink (room 6A-42, telephone 020 598 6032)
Mr. N.A. Jansen MBA
Mr. P. Vertin
Mr. P.A. Ledeboer
Mr. J.E. Brink- van der Meer

are at the secretariat Accounting / Business Law in room 6A-42
(Phone 020 598 6040; mail to