A survey of the programmes of the Department of Accounting & the subdepartment of Financial Law can be found at the lecture guides of SBE and the university ( At these sites you can get an description of the subject. If you want information on the training course you can download the various training schools the faculty provides.

Accounting / Financial Law provides lectures of the following classes:
Ba Economics; Ba Business Administration; Premaster* & Master in Accounting and Control.
* Premasters are provided for the students coming form the HBO (professional scholing)

Because of the different type of programmes going on during this transition period, take notice that the choosen lecture can be / has to be attended by your class. If in doubt, you can contact the Lecturer.

Most programmes are also lectured in international classes, take a look on the several time-tables to find out with course will be organized during the years' course, or contact our international liaisons office (

For specific information on the lectures, SBE students can also take a look at their pages at Canvas: