dr. L.M. Quadackers

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+31 20 59 83962
school of business & economics ( accounting )

Brief resume and publications

I have received a 'doctorandus' degree in Business Economics (MBA), with a specialization in accounting and auditing, from the Universiteit Maastricht in 1992. From 1992-2000, I have worked in several research and educational roles at the MARC-institute, Universiteit Maastricht, with a particular research interest in audit risk modeling and auditor judgment and decisionmaking. From 2001-2010, I worked as a (senior) manager at the Technical Department of Ernst & Young. From 2010 onward I have been working as a independent business journalist, writer and researcher. Since April 1 2004, I am also (part-time) affiliated with the VU University Amsterdam. In 2009, I have received my PhD-degree with the dissertation 'A Study of Auditors' Skeptical Characteristics and Their Relationship to Skeptical Judgments and Decisions'. My research interests are mainly in the area of professional skepticism and professional judgment and decision making.