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The Center for Entrepreneurship @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (CfE@VU) hosts various unique activities in the field of entrepreneurship. From 2008 to 2016, VU Amsterdam participated in the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), together with University of Amsterdam (UvA), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Amsterdam University of the Arts. Although ACE's set targets were achieved, there was still a clear need to present the university's unique activities in the context of entrepreneurship. CfE@VU was founded on 1 January 2017 to address this need.

The ACE Venture Lab continued under the wings of UvA. Together with the new incubator at VU Amsterdam, it will be part of a new network of university incubators in Amsterdam.

News article in the Advalvas university paper (Dutch): VU starts own Center for Entrepreneurship.

The CfE@VU currently has a job opening for the student-assistant position during the period of July 2018 - February 2019. Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset we are looking for? Check out what the job is like. 

How can I officially register my company? How can I get a business account at a bank? The Center for Entrepreneurship @ VU hosts a helpdesk with relevant content to answer these questions and more. 

Besides the helpdesk, we are happy to get you started by setting up a meeting where we can provide a helping hand. We do this by consulting the wide variety of entrepreneurs and professionals in our network. You can come to use for any issue that arises, we look forward to meeting you! 

Just send us a mail at, either in English or Dutch. 


  • I have an idea
    Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start? This section provides you with all the tools you need to make your idea solid.
  • I have a business plan
    So after figuring out what your idea is precisely about you can start on realising your plan. This part depicts all the elements you have to take into account when starting your own business.
  • I already have a business
    You have a business but there are still some obstacles on your path. This step provides you with options on obtaining funds, office space, knowledge and broadening your network.
  • I want to scale-up
    Ready for your next step, scaling-up? How do you find employees and other relevant partners? We have summed up some options for you.

A broad network is highly relevant for entrepreneurs, collaboration can provide original ideas and give new insights to current businesses operations. The Center for Entrepreneurship @VU maintains a strong network of VU alumni owning their own company. This network is a diverse one, research into the academic background of the VU Alumni Entrepreneurs has shown that  the entrepreneurs come from eight different faculties. More information and the list of VU Alumni Entrepreneurs >

Education in entrepreneurship is traditionally seen as something for economics and business studies. However, the great amount of tech start-ups has proven that entrepreneurship is accessible for every type of student. The main goal of the CfE@VU is to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst students of the VU Amsterdam and UvA. To achieve this, CfE@VU offers the MsC Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the UvA and several other courses at the VU. Read more >

Entrepreneurship research and education has developed to become a global subject. The CfE@VU also works globally through participating in multiple projects in Southeast Africa. The collaboration between African PHD students and Dutch university lecturers has led to interesting findings, which can be found on Entrepreneurship in Africa

Our staff keeps this page up to date with the latest trends and developments regarding entrepreneurship. The content varies from amusing articles to highly useful and applicable tips by experts. Find out more through interesting articles, blogs and videos on the news and media page > (to be published soon), for now: take a look at our Facebook page.
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