Department of Econometrics and Operations Research

Department of Econometrics and Operations Research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam consists of approximately 40 researchers in the fields of Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Operations Research. Our mission is to be an internationally competitive Department that is active in research and education within our fields of expertise. In our activities, we connect with fields as broad as mathematics, probability, statistics, computing, economics, marketing and finance. We are active as lecturers in Bachelor, Minor, Master and MPhil study programmes. Our primary responsibilities are for the Bachelor and Master programmes in Econometrics and OR and two Minor programmes. We are also involved in courses within the MPhil and PhD programmes of Tinbergen Institute and Netherlands Network for OR (LNMB). We are keen to introduce new and innovative approaches to university education.

Our research focuses on many different topics within the fields of Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Operations Research. We are highly productive and our research work is published in internationally renowned journals. We carry out editorial duties for various high-quality academic journals and are actively engaged in organizing international conferences and workshops. Many research collaborations exist with colleagues of other Departments in our School and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, but also with colleagues of other universities in The Netherlands and abroad. Finally, we are active and leading in many national and international networks of researchers.

We have extensive contacts with policy and financial institutions, consultancy firms, and business companies generally. These contacts can be very useful for our students at various stages of their study and for our research activities. Also, these contacts intensify gradually over the years as we have an active Alumni association.