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The Department of Economics is devoted to high quality research and teaching (at both the undergraduate and graduate level). It is our mission to attract highly motivated, capable students and to build their talents through a challenging and at times very demanding curriculum. Our research is characterized by combining relevance and rigor.

Maarten LindeboomMaarten Lindeboom
Department chair


Economics Football Match

voetbaleconomicsThis year's football match between the MSc Economics students and their professors resulted in a score of 1-1. After the game players enjoyed drinks in the canteen. (19-10-2018)

Maarten Lindeboom appointed as crown member SER

Maarten Lindeboom Maarten Lindeboom has been appointed as a crown member of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER). The SER is the main advisory body to the Dutch government and the parliament on national and international social and economic policy. (28-09-2018)

NY Times article on paper by Aysu Okbay

Aysu OkbayPaper by Aysu Okbay (and others) published in Nature Genetics last July, received international press interest. Read one of the articles in the NY Times here. (21-09-2018)

NWO Research talent grant for José Moraga Gonzalez and Rik Letterie.

nwograntLong-term health care provision in the Netherlands is one of the most expensive in the world. Moreover, there are serious concerns about the quality of the care provided. To contain the costs, the government made eligibility for intramural care more stringent in the reforms of 2013 and 2014; more recently, in 2018, the government has replaced price fixing by incentive-regulation to stimulate care homes to increase quality. Our research will use data on patient choices and care home characteristics to first estimate demand and supply and then quantify the patient welfare effects of changes in eligibility criteria and price regulation. (28-08-18)

EU Horizon 2020 grant for Eric Bartelsman and Sabien Dobbelaere

EU Horizon 2020 grant Eric Bartelsman and Sabien Dobbelaere received the grant of k€200 for their project entitled “MICROPROD: Raising EU productivity: Lessons from improved micro data”. (03-08-18)

Veni grants for Aysu Okbay

Aysu Okbay Aysu Okbay has been awarded the grant for her research entitled “Polygenic prediction and its application in social science". With increasing availability of genetic data, it is becoming feasible to investigate the genetics of behavioural traits, and construct genetic predictors with meaningful predictive power. By building a public repository of genetic predictors for major social-science data sets, this project aims to facilitate their use in social science. (18-07-18)

Paper by José Moraga Gonzalez and Machiel Mulder (RUG) discussed in Volkskrant

volkskrant_jose Research paper 'Electrification of heating and transport' by José Moraga Gonzalez and Machiel Mulder (RUG) was discussed in Volkskrant. This report presents a 2050 scenario study of the implications of a possible gradual electrification of road transportation and domestic heating and cooking in the Netherlands. The study is intended to derive the consequences of electrification for the electricity and gas sectors, for the CO2 emissions associated with the residential, transport and electricity sectors and for the overall socials costs. (17-07-18)

Fleur Meddens won prestigious Thompson award

New Component Fleur has won the prestigious Thompson award of the Behavior Genetics Assocation (BGA) 2018. The Thompson award honours the best oral presentation among all PhD students at the annual meeting of the BGA, which was held at the Harvard-MIT Broad Institute of Genetics in Boston this year. Fleur received the award for her presentation entitled "Genome-wide association study of diet composition identifies 21 loci and uncovers associations with health and behavior". (27-06-18)

Article of José L. Moraga Gonzalez is a top download

José L Moraga The paper - Prices and heterogeneous search costs - was downloaded 889 times from the Rand Journal of Economics by the end of 2017. José L. Moraga Gonzalez is professor of microeconomics at the Department of Economics. (13-06-18)

Zichen Deng awarded best student paper award

Zichen DengThe first place prize was awarded in the best paper competition of the Essen Health Conference 2018. The paper, entitled ‘A bit of salt, a trace of life: Long-run impacts of salt iodization in China’ was co-authored by Maarten Lindeboom. Zichen Deng is a PhD candidate at the department of Economics. (11-06-18)

VIDI-grant for Titus J. Galama

Titus Galama Titus Galama has been awarded a Vidi grant by NWO (€800,000) for his research entitled ‘What explains socioeconomic inequality in health? Galama will conduct his Vidi research at the Department of Economics and will start on 1 November 2018. Currently, he is a senior economist at the University of Southern California and a Visiting Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. (31-05-18)

Paper accepted by Nature Genetics

PaperRonalddeVlaming Paper 'Signatures of negative selection in the genetic architecture of human complex traits' by Jian Zeng (University of Queensland), Ronald de Vlaming & others is accepted by Nature Genetics and got published past week. (25-04-18)

Paper accepted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

PhilippKoellingerPaper Paper 'Genetic Instrumental Variable (GIV) regression: Explaining socioeconomic and health outcomes in non-experimental data' by Thomas DiPrete (Columbia University), Philipp Koellinger and Casper Burik is accepted by PNAS. The paper shows how genetic data can be used to get better esitmates of causal effects in social scientific and epidemiological research. (24-04-18)

Paper accepted by The Review of Economic Studies

PieterGautierPaper Paper by Brugemann, Gautier and Menzio accepted by The Review of Economic Studies. The paper introduces the Rolodex bargaining game. Read paper. (05-02-18)

Economics Football Match

Football match MSc Economics This year's football match between the MSc Economics students and their professors resulted in a score of 6-3 for the professors (with help from a few MSc students on their team). After the game players enjoyed drinks in the canteen. (17-11-17)

Jose L. Moraga has been appointed Co-Editor

José L Moraga Jose L. Moraga has been appointed Co-Editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization. The International Journal of Industrial Organization (IJIO) is one of the specialized journals in the field of Industrial Economics. Read full article. (2-11-17)

Paper accepted by Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

HansBloemenPaper Paper entitled 'Collective Labour Supply, Taxes, and Intrahousehold Allocation: An Empirical Approach' by Hans Bloemen is accepted by the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics. (27-09-17)