prof. dr. ir. H.A. Rijken

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+31 20 59 86101
school of business & economics ( finance )
Full Professor

Professor Herbert Rijken is Full Professor Corporate Finance at the department of Finance at VU University Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD (1993) in Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology. His current research interests are corporate credit risk, structured corporate finance and economics of corporate governance.

Recent academic research in progress

  • “Sovereign default risk assessment from the bottom-up”, 2010 (with E.I. Altman)
  • “What do rating agency announcement signal? Certification or information”, 2010 (with S. Konijn)
  • "Dual rating systems, combining the best of two worlds, through-the-cycle ratings and credit scoring models, 2010
  • "What do “Outlook” and “Watchlist” tell us?",2010, funded by a research grant from Moody's Corporation, (with E.I. Altman)
  • "Calendar patterns in momentum profits", 2009
  • "The cause and effect relationship between corporate protection schemes and corporate performance", 2009


Professional research

  • “The Z-Metrics™ Methodology for Estimating Company Credit Ratings And Default Risk Probabilities”, Riskmetrics (recently taken over by MSCI), 2010 (with E.I. Altman, M. Watt, D. Balan, J. Forero and J. Mina)
  •  “Professionalization of Dutch two tier boards, now also for non-listed companies, 2010, (Dutch report, with A. Klaassen, sponsored by Grant Thornton)
  • “Structure corporate finance, a model for professionals”, 2010 (Dutch report with R. Deege, R. de Fluiter de Balledux, F. van Helden, P. Hoiting, R. van der Steeg and F. van Westen)
  • “Dutch two tier board members aim for higher quality supervision”, 2008 (Dutch report, with A Klaassen)


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