DSF/TI Research Seminars and Finance@VU seminar series

The DSF/TI research seminars are at the joint premises of the Duisenberg school of finance and the Tinbergen Institute. Academics from all over the world are invited to present their current research in all fields of Finance. The seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 12.45 to 2 pm in our main seminar room in the Symphony Building, Gustav Mahlerplein 117, 1st floor. There is the opportunity of informal discussions with the speaker after the talk from 2 to 2.30 pm. The seminar is open to the public, anyone is welcome to attend.

The Finance@VU lunch seminar serie is organized by Rex Wang. The seminars usually take place on Fridays from 12:15 to 13:15.

Academic year 2020/2021

February 19
February 26            
March 5
March 12Justus Inhoffen, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamCrowding of International Mutual Funds
March 19Sam Rosen, Fox School of Business, Temple
March 26Alessio Piccolo, Indiana Uni (Kelley School of Business)Ownership and Competition
April 2
April 9Ying Gan, Erasmus University Rotterdam Inventor CEOs and Inventor CEO-Chairpersons in China
April 16Patrick Moran, University of CopenhagenBreaking the Commitment Device: the effect of home equity withdrawal on consumption, saving, and welfare
April 23Rex Wang Renjie,  Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamFrozen IPOs and M&A Contracts
April 30Mehmet Canayaz, PSU Smeal College of Business
May 7
May 14Egle Karmaziene, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamCompeting for dark trades
May 21Matthijs Breugem, Collegio Carlo Alberto
May 28Xuan Wang, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamBank Lending and Optimal Policy to Financially Support SMEs
June 4
June 11Jiri Knesl, Oxford (Said Business School)
June 18
June 25
July 2

Academic year 2019/2020

Sept. 6, 2019Tomislav Ladika, University of AmsterdamCreating Intangible Capital 
Oct. 4, 2019Thomas Post, University MaastrichtEliciting heuristics in financial decision-making
Oct. 11, 2019Xiao Xiao, Erasmus UniversityImplied Volatility Changes and Corporate Bond Returns
Oct. 15, 2019David Schumacher, McGillThe global menu of fonds
Oct. 25, 2019Ioanid Rosu, HEC ParisDynamic Adverse Selection and Liquidity
Nov. 15, 209Marshall Ma, Erasmus UniversityTrust in Art Markets
Nov. 22, 2019Dyaran Bansraj, Erasmus UniversityHow Does Private Equity Ownership Affect Acquisition Performance?
Nov. 29, 2019Tarik Roukny, KU LeuvenVertically Disintegrated Platforms 
Dec. 6, 2019Anita Kopányi-Peuker, CPBExperience Does not Eliminate Bubbles: Experimental Evidence
Dec.12, 2019Carola Mueller, Institute for Economic ResearchBasel III capital requirements and heterogeneous banks
Dec. 13, 2019Konrad Raff, NHH Bergen
Dec. 16, 2019Magdalena Rola Yanicka, University of AmsterdamThe Political Economy of Prudential Regulation
Dec. 20, 2019Filippo Massari, Bocconi UniversityThe Wisdom of the Crowd in Dynamic Economies
Jan. 8, 2020Andreea Popescu, Tilburg school of Economics and ManagementThe macroeconomy and the cross-section of international equity index returns: a machine learning approach
Jan. 10, 2020Laura Capera, Tilburg UniversityThe Effects of Usury Ceilings on Consumers Welfare: Evidence from the Microcredit Market in Colombia 
Jan 13, 2020Stefan Voigt, Vienna Gradate School of FinanceArbitrage, Liquidity and Price Informativeness
Jan 14, 2020Xuan Wang,University of OxfordWhen Do Currency Unions Benefit From Default?
Jan 15, 2020Karolis Liaudinskas, Pompeu Fabra UniversityLoss of a Lending Relationship: Pain or Relief?
Jan. 17, 2020Quentin Vandeweyer, Financial Research Directorate of the European Central BankTreasury Debt and the Pricing of Short-Term Assets
Jan. 20, 2020Lorenzo Schoenleber, Frankfurt School of Finance & ManagementCorrelations, Value Factor Returns, and Growth Options
Jan. 22, 2020Emiel Jerphanion, Tilburg UniversityStudent Loan Supply, Parental Saving & Portfolio Allocation
Jan. 24, 2020
Stefano Lugo, Utrecht University
The perils of removing rating-based regulation: Evidence from the US money market funds reform
Feb. 4, 2020Sri Kumar, Sri-Kumar Global Strategies
The state of the global economy
Feb. 11, 2020
Artem Neklyudov, University of Lausanne
Volume and intermediation in Corporate Bond Markets
Feb. 14, 2020
Dieter Wang, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Climate risks, the macroeconomy and the term-structure of sovereign bonds

Feb. 21, 2020Sebastian Vogel, EPFL and Swiss Finance Institute
When to introduce electronic trading platforms in over-the-counter markets?
March 2, 2020
Alexey Ivashchenko, University of Lausanne
Corporate bond price reversals
March 20, 2020
Rex Wang Renije, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
How do options add value? Evidence from the convertible bond market
March 27, 2020Yakov Ben Haim, Israel Institue of Technology
April 3, 2020
Martijn Boons, Nova School of Business and Economics
New and old characteristic-sorted portfolios: Implications for Asset Pricing
April 20,2020
Abhiroop Mukherjee, the Honkong University of Science and Technology
April 24, 2020Albert Menkveld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
How to succeed in academia
May 15, 2020Ally Zhang, Lancaster University

Spring/Summer 2019

February 7, 2019    
Lionel Page, UTS Sidney
How much information is incorporated in financial asset prices? Experimental evidence.
February 22, 2019
Albert Menkveld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam    
How to succeed in academia.
March 1, 2019    
Svetlana Borovkova, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Damages estimation in the largest EU cartel case.
March 8, 2019    
Toni Ahnert, Bank of Canada
Rollover risk, bank borrowing and fragility.
March 15, 2019    
Alex Horenstein, University of Miami            
The unintended impact of academic research on asset returns: The CAPM Alpha.
March 22, 2019    
Egle Karmazien, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen    
Short selling equity ETF's and its effect on stock market liquidity.
April, 26, 2019
Elias Rantapuska, Aalto University
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Sean Foley, The University of Sydney Business School
June 14, 2019
Matthijs Lof, Aalto University
June 21, 2019
Sebastian Gehricke, University of Otago
June 28, 2019
Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara University

Fall/Winter 2018

October 26    
Bo Hu, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Why do larger firms pay executives more for performance? Performance-based versus labor market incentives
November 2
Aleks Andonov, Uni versity of Amsterdam
The return expectations of institutional investors.
November 9
Rex Wang, Erasmus University
Noise from other industries: overgeneralization and analyst beliefs
November 16    
Peter Wierts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
November 23
Sergiy Ladokhin, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
December 3 (Monday!)
Toni Ahnert, Bank of Canada


January 26
Matteo Millone (VU)Collateral Damage? - Decreasing House Prices and Entrepreneurial Landing
February 9Sarah Draus (RSM)TBA
March 23Peiran Jiao (Maastricht University)TBA
April 20    
Liping Lu (VU)
Does lending relationship mitigate the transmission of liquidity shocks? Evidence from a liquidity crunch in China
May 18
Boyd Buis (VU)
Expected Issuance Fees and Market Liquidity
May 24       
Bernd Schwaab (ECB)
Risk endogeneity at the lender-/investor-of-last-resort
May 25
Johannes Breckenfelder (ECB)
June 1
Gaiyan Zhang (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Creditor control rights and global corporate CDS informativeness
June 11Qian Sun (Fudan university)TBA
June 22Michael Jetter (University of Western Australia)TBA
June 29Matthijs Lof (Aalto University)TBA

Fall 2017 

Sept. 18    
Jorge Cruz Lopez (Bank of Canada)Netting Relationships and Operational Disruptions in Payment Systems
Sept. 29Dennie van Dolder (VU)The wisdom of the inner crowd in three large natural experiments
Oct. 13

Oct. 27 Yalin Gündüz (Deutsche Bundesbank)Mitigating Counterparty Risk
Nov. 17        Dieter Wang (VU)Fire-sale channels, portfolio overlap networks and the credit spread puzzle
Nov. 24Michela Altieri (VU) 
The Apparent Diversification Discount 
Dec. 1

Dec. 8

Spring 2017

March 10      
Stefan T.M. Straetmans
(Maastricht University)
Disentangling economic recessions and depressions.
March 24Iman van Lelyveld
Crowded trades, market clustering and price instability.
April 7Liping Lu
"Know Thy Competitor, Know Thyself?"
First evidence from banks in emerging Europe.
May 12  Falk Brauning
(Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
Monetary policy and global banking.
June 2Peter Wierts
The mortgage credit cycle.
June 9Norman Seeger
Option pricing of earnings announcement risks
June 16Paul Glasserman
(Columbia University)
June 23 Ambroise Descamps
(Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Fall 2016

Sept. 23        
Simas Kuncinkas (VU)
Dividends, Signaling and Risk Shifting
Oct. 14                   
Peter Swan (University of new South Wales ) Other people's money: The trading performance of Households Investors vs. Delegated Money Managers
Oct. 28    
Vadym Volosovych (Erasmus University)
Social capital, attitude towards globalization, and financial markets participation: The case of Mexico
Nov. 11   
Erik Vogt (Erasmus University) Intraday Market Making with Overnight Inventory Costs.
Nov. 25    
Gunseli Tumer Alkan (VU)
CDS and Credit: Testing the Small Bang Theory of the Financial Universe with Micro Data
Dec. 2            
Svetlana Borovkova (VU)
Systemic risk, media sentiment and banking networks.

Spring 2016

Jan. 15Dan Li (Hong Kong University)Correlated high frequency trading.
Febr. 5Michael Ernst Rose (University of Cape Town)Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who Is the Most Central of Them All?
Febr. 26Neeltje van Horen (DNB)The Invisible Hand of the Government: Moral Suasion during the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
March 11    Emiliano Pagnotta (Imperial College London )Chasing Private Information
March 18Konrad Raff (NHH)Board Diversity, Strategic Interaction, and Director Incentives
April 1Bernd Schwaab (ECBThe Bank-sovereign Nexus Across Borders
April 8  Peter Hoffmann (ECB)Mutual Funding
April 22Wiebke Eberhardt (Maastricht UniversityEngaging Pension Plan Participants:  Investment and Insurance Frames
May 13Ferenc Horvath (Tilburg University)Robust Pricing of Fixed Income Securities
May 27Luiz Fortes Felix (VU)TBA    
June 10Leonard Wolk (Colby College)TBA
June 17        Wenquian Huang (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)Central Counterparty Capitalization and Misaligned Incentives

 Fall 2015

18/09Dirk Schoenmaker/ Peter Wierts
Regulating the Financial Cycle: an integrated approach with a leverage ratio
25/09Kristian Stoere
(University of Nordland)
Sovereign Debt Crisis: Flight Home or Flight to Quality?
09/10Robert Vermeulen
Insurance Companies' Trading Behaviour during the European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Flight Home or Flight to Quality?
16/10Shiyan Huang
(Hong Kong University)
Sovereign Debt Crisis: Flight Home or Flight to Quality?
30/10Yasushi Hamao
(Uni of South California)
Sovereign Debt Crisis: Flight Home or Flight to Quality?
06/11Ashish Tiwari
(University of Iowa)
Hedge Fund Replication: A Model Combination Approach
13/11Sjoerd van Bekkum
(Erasmus University)
Does a Larger Menu Increase Appetite? Collateral Eligibility and Bank Risk-Taking
20/11        Arjen Siegmann
Market Inefficiencies in Broker Choice: Real-Estate Agents and Sales Performance
27/11Mark van Achter (RSM)Trading speed competition: Can the arms race go too far?
11/12Olivier de Jonghe
(Tilburg University)
Some borrowers are more equal than others: Bank funding shocks and credit reallocation


Spring 2015

06/03Talis Putnins (University of Technology, Sydney)Dark trading - different effects for different types
20/03Elizaveta Mirgorodskaya (VU Amsterdam)The "Tone Effect"of News on Investor Beliefs: An Experimental Approach
27/03Arjen Mulder (RSM Finance)Risk and return of conditional currency carry trades
17/04Rutger Jan Lange (VU Amsterdam)Modelling the interactions between volatility and returns
24/04B.F. Heidergott (VU Amsterdam)Wisdom of crowds
08/05        Remco Zwinkels (VU Amsterdam)Investor Sentiment and Employment
18/05*Martin Strieborny (Lund University)Suppliers, Investors, and Equity Market Liberalizations
29/05Chunmei (Melissa) Lin (Erasmus University)Inattention as a Limit to Arbitrage: Evidence from School Holidays
08/06*Sophie MoinasAsset pricing and risk–sharing in a complete market: An experimental investigation
12/06Patrick Tuijp (UVA)Pricing Effects of Time-Series Variation in Liquidity
19/06Albert Menkveld (VU Amsterdam)A Network Map of Information Percolation


Spring 2014  

21/03Liping Lu (VU)Market Reactions to Lending by Non-financial Firms: Evidence from Entrusted Loans in China
28/03Elvira Sojli (RSM Erasmus)TBD
04/04Maren Schmeck (Uni Koeln)TBD
11/04Buhui Qui (RSM Erasmus)TBD
25/04Svein-Arne Persson (NHH)TBD
02/05Falk Brauning (VU)TBD
16/05Frank de Jong (Tilburg)TBD
23/05Maurizio Montone (ESE Eramus)TBD
06/06Mike Mao (ESE Erasmus)TBD
13/06Daniel Metzger (SSE)TBD
27/06Chunmei Lin (ESE Erasmus)TBD


Fall 2013

27/09Albert Menkveld
Systemic Liquidation Risk: Centralized Clearing, Margins, and the Default Fund
04/10Marius Zoican
Banking Unions: The Efficiency versus Market Discipline Tradeoff
11/10Chen Zhou
The cross-section of tail risks in stock returns
18/10Svetlana Borovkova
Systemic Risk and Centralized Clearing of OTC Derivatives: A Network Approach
25/10Mike Lipkin
Turbulence, monetization and universality in financial markets
01/11Joop Huij
Is the Value Premium Really a Compensation for Distress Risk?
15/11Peter Hoffmann
Sand in the Chips? Evidence on Taxing Transactions in Modern Markets
29/11Sophie Moinas
Liquidity Supply across Multiple Trading Venues
20/12Bart Z. Yueshen
Queuing Uncertainty

Spring 2013
08/03Karim Abadir
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics? Examples From Finance and Economics
15/03Elena Carletti
Deposits and Bank Capital Structure
22/03Neeltje van Horen
The Impact of Sovereign Debt Exposure on Bank Lending: Evidence from the European Debt Crisis
12/04Tomislav Ladika
Do Firms Replenish Executives' Incentives After Equity Sales?
19/04Linus Siming
Orders of Merit and CEO Compensation: Evidence from a Natual Experiment
26/04M. Fabiana Penas
Personal Bankruptcy Law and Small Business Innovation
03/05Luiz Felix
The 2011 European Short Sale Ban on Financial Stocks: Cure or Curse?
17/05Baran Siyahhan
Leverage and Information Asymmetry in Product Markets: The Impact on Firm Survival and Security Returns
24/05Sebastian Gryglewicz
Dynamic Agency and Real Options
31/05Konrad Raff
Corporate Governance and Industry Dynamics
07/06Katya Malinova
(University of Toronto)
Do Retail Traders Suffer from High Frequency Traders?
21/06Elizaveta Mirgorodskaya
News Media, Framing and Investor Behavior
28/06Avraham Tabbach
(Tel Aviv University)
Executive Stock Options: The Effects of Manipulation on Risk Taking
05/07Herbert Rijken
Stock Valuation and Implied Discount Rates

Fall 2012
14/09Xiaoyu Shen
Two Term Structures of Volatility
12/10Marius A. Zoican
Routing Heterogeneity in Fragmented Markets
19/10Jose Penalva
(Universidad Carlos III)
Market Quality in the Presence of Ultra Fast Trading
26/10Lieven Baele
(Tilburg University)
Flights to Safety
02/11Marcin Zamojski
Hedge Fund Innovation
16/11Ronald van Dijk & Gerben de Zwart
Quantitative Equity Research in pension fund investing: an illustration of using cross-industry news sentiment


Spring 2012
09/03Nabil Tahani
(York University)
Exotic Geometric Average Options Pricing under Stochastic Volatility
23/03Albert Lee Chun
(Copenhagen Business School)
A Forward-looking Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
20/04Alberto Manconi
Do Corporate Bondholders Affect Credit Risk? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
27/04Frode Brevik
Depression fears: Asset Prices with Ambiguity Averse Investors
04/05Patrick Verwijmeren
Dividend-protected Convertible Bonds and the Disappearance of Call Delay
25/05Mark van Achter
Circuit Breakers and Market Runs
01/06Elisabeth van Laere
(National University of Singapore)
Why do banks disappear: a forward intensity model for distressed exits
08/06Stefan Hirth
Beyond Duopoly: The Credit Ratings Game Revisited
22/06Dirk Schoenmaker/Arjen Siegmann
Can European Bank-bailouts work?
29/06Kasper Roszbach
(Riksbank/Groningen University)
Collateralization, Bank Loan Rates and Monitoring: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
06/07Bastiaan Verhoef
(Royal Bank of Scotland)
Aggregating Credit and Market Risk: The Impact of Model Specification