Teaching programme

The department of Finance participates in the Bachelor programmes in Economics, Econometrics and Operations Research, Business Administration, and International Business Administration. To find out more on these programmes, 
visit the Faculty's website

·       Economics and Business Economics (information in English)
·       Econometrics and Operational Research (information in English)
·       Bedrijfskunde (information in Dutch)
·       International Business Administration (information in English)

The third year of the bachelor programmes allows you to specialize in Finance and gear your curriculum towards a Master in Finance or Financial Mangement programme.

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) offers several master programmes. For more information on all these programmes, visit the Faculty's website for information in 
Dutch or English. The Finance department is involved in the following programmes:

·       Master of Science in Finance, with the following Honours Programmes:
        Quantitative Risk Management
        Finance and Technology

·       Master of Science in  Financial Management, with the following Honours Programme:
       Honours Programme Corporate Finance

·       Mphil Economics, Finance and Econometrics    

       All Master programmes are taught in English.
For HBO students who want to enrol in the Master in Finance or Financial Management programme we have a premaster year.

PhD programme
The School of Business and Economics provides competitive postgraduate training and PhD opportunities. To this end, the Faculty runs a combined 2 year MPhil programme and a 3 year PhD programme at its graduate school, 
the Tinbergen Institute. For more information, consult the Faculty's web page for PhD application procedures.

Postgraduate education
The School of Business and Economics also offers a number of postgraduate programmes. These programmes are usually taught in Dutch. More information is available in Dutch or English.

Information on specific courses
The department offers a range of courses, aimed at providing students the opportunity to gather knowledge and practical skills on different topics in finance and financial economics. Courses cover issues in corporate finance, financial markets, supervision and regulation, asset(/liability) management, treasury management, and insurance.

Teaching material for the courses is available through the School's Digital Learning Environment Canvas.

Course descriptions (not material) are provided through the