Masterclass – How do I get my employees “digital ready”? Developing Competences & Expertise in the Digital Age

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Are you an HR professional or a manager who wants to develop the skills & expertise of your professionals to make sure that they are ready for the digital age?

Join us on Friday, April 12 to learn all about how digitalization provides HR professionals and managers with opportunities and challenges for assessing, planning, and developing their employees’ skills and expertise. With the advent of digital transformation throughout almost all organizations, what does this mean for the work of your employees? Do your employees have the right skills & expertise for the digital era? How can you identify which skills & expertise are lacking yet essential for the future?

During this masterclass, we talk about the recent developments in the field of digital innovation, and will zoom in on the consequences of digitalization. We introduce The Expertise Pyramid model, which is developed based on dr. Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi’s research in the field of learning & development. We discuss how this model enables us to more specifically identify the skills & expertise that your personnel will need in the future, and hence what potential gaps may still exist and how they can be built up. This will help you as HR professionals, managers, and learning coaches to make your employees ready for the digital age!

What you will learn during this masterclass:

• From macro-trends/hypes to micro-realities: understanding and critically reflecting both on the new digital technologies and on what is actually happening to the skills and expertise of professionals as the result of those technologies 
• How to assess the transformation of professionals’ skills & expertise  
• The Expertise Pyramid: A systematic way of analyzing and synthesizing the professional skills & expertise 
• An action-plan on how to renew professional skills in the digital age: five common strategies   

Who should attend?

HR and organizational development professionals
Consultants in the field of HR and/or human capital 

Dates & Sign up

The Masterclass will be held on Friday the 12th of April. We will start around 12:00h with lunch and end around 17:30 with networking drinks.

Price: € 295,00 early bird until January 31st (regular fee is € 395,00)