Digital InnovationDigital Innovation & Sustainability

Digital innovations are not only highly interesting in more technological settings, new digital technologies offer a host of possibilities in different industries and contexts. In the field of sustainability, and increasing number of people and organizations are trying to experiment with new technologies to make their business more eco-friendly. At KIN we study digital innovations in a wide variety of contexts ranging such as consulting firms, hospitals, police departments, laboratories, and tax offices.


KIN Summerschool 2018KIN Summerschool 2018 on Digital Transformation, AI, and The Future of Work

This KIN Summer School is organized by the KIN Center for Digital Innovation of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, together with the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). During 4 intensive days participants and faculty will discuss research in the field of Technology, Knowledge and Innovation. This year’s summerschool has been designed to help develop the insights and skills of PhD and early career researchers in theory development and methodologies within this multi-disciplinary field of knowledge, information and innovation research. The purpose is to expand academic insights and skills in order to conduct and publish valuable research.


new ways of workingStudy on Social Technologies at Dutch Tax Office

With the radical change from an industrial to a knowledge society comes the increased significance and autonomy of knowledge workers. Developments in technology and society have given rise to more openness in the processes and practices of these knowledge workers. Working, learning and innovating are less constrained by organizational, geographical and cognitive boundaries. The challenge that organizations increasingly face is to combine this openness with integration across individual knowledge workers, units and areas of expertise, and counter inherent threats of fragmentation.


KIN_EGOS2018Discussing Research & Winning Awards at EGOS 2018

Between July 4th and 7th, several researchers from our group have presented and discussed their research at the European Group of Organization Studies Conference 2018, in Tallinn. The theme of this year’s conference is Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected.



NRCLiveNRCLive – AI & the Future of Work

New AI trends, self-driving cars, surprising use of robots, questions about whether AI is a hype or reality. Talking about AI is hot and, of course, KIN members are part of that conversation.

On Thursday June 21, KIN members Marleen Huysman, Marlous Agterberg, and Lauren Waardenburg were present at NRCLive AI where delegates of science, business and society were invited to collaborate and talk about AI and the future of humanity. During this full-day event, they joined different keynote sessions and panel discussions where hopes, dreams, fears and the current status quo passed by.


talking about new ways of workingTalking about New Ways of Working

Flexible working, open plan offices, no fixed address, working from home or on the road or anywhere in the world – the ‘new ways of working’ conversation has become mainstream. What is actually new here, though? KIN members Marleen Huysman, Ella Hafermalz, and Julia Schlegelmilch have been a part of this critical appraisal at three events recently. Here’s a quick peek into what was discussed.


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