Dr. J.V. Andersen

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+31 20 59 85046
school of business & economics ( i,l&i )
Assistant Professor

Jonas Valbjørn Andersen is an Assistant Professor at the Knowledge, Information and Innovation Research Group, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU Amsterdam. He has a background in information and media studies, and holds a PhD in information systems and management from the University of Warwick. His research interests concern digitally distributed processes and systems related to digital innovation, algorithmic decision making, and computational qualitative research methods. His work aims to generate insights into management of digitalisation processes, business process automation, data analytics, and applications of distributed and artificial intelligence.

Research interests

  • Algorithmic decision making
  • Digital innovation
  • Computational qualitative methods


  • Introduction to Digital Innovation (bachelor)
  • Information Systems in E-business (bachelor)
  • Thesis supervision


Conference papers

  • Andersen, J, Lindberg, A., Lindgren, R., 2016. Algorithmic Agency in Information Systems: Research Opportunities for Data Analytics of Digital Traces. In Proceedings of the 49th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
  • Andersen, J. & Baptista, J., 2014. Digital Innovation as Paradox – Leveraging tensions to reshape organisations. In EGOS Proceedings. pp. 1–9.
  • Andersen, J., Dindler, C., Fritch, J., Iversen, O., 2003. NetWorking News – A Method for Engaging Children Actively in Design. Proceedings of IRIS 2003.


  • Ingram, C., Andersen J.V., 2016. The Cage is in the Code: The Role of Code in Organisational Convergence, presented at the Ratio Colloquium for young Social Scientists (RCYSS), Stockholm
  • Andersen J.V., Ingram, C., 2016. Bitcoin Democracy: Distributed Digital Code as Law in Institutional Change, presented at the FEWEB workshop on Organizing for Digital Innovation, Amsterdam
  • Andersen, J.V., 2015. Micro-shifts in Distributed Digital Innovation: The Radical Transformation of the Branch Network at GlobalBank. ICIS Doctoral Consortium, Fort Worth


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