Prof. dr. J.F.M. Feldberg

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+31 20 59 86059
school of business & economics ( i,l&i )
Associate Professor

Frans Feldberg is associate professor at the Knowledge, Information and Networks research group, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU University Amsterdam. He holds a PhD in online decision behavior. His research is on the interface of business administration, cognitive psychology and information sciences. He is specialized in decision making behavior and collaboration in computer mediated environments. His research projects focus on online decision making, decision support systems, computer mediated communication, and collaboration in virtual environments. He was the initiator and project manager of a multidisciplinary research team that was responsible for the VU University Second Life research initiative. Feldberg has a wide experience as business consultant for national and international companies.

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C.S.G. Jan Arentsz - Lid Raad van Toezicht Alkmaar, 13 oktober 2011
Pivot I&E Management BV - Directeur/eigenaar Alkmaar, 02 januari 2013
ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar - Lid Raad van Afgevaardigden Houten, 05 maart 2014
Laatste wijzigingen Nevenwerkzaamheden: Amsterdam 06 februari 2017