Goals & Focus of TSCM

Supply chains and their effect on pleople, planet and profit; learning to make trade-offs

The Netherlands is renowned throughout the world for its expertise in trade, transport and logistics. Major ports in the Netherlands tranship enormous flows of goods and passengers to and from Europe and the rest of the world. Supply chain management is the key to controlling these flows. In this Master's specialization, the main focus is on the analysis, design and operation of supply chains in professional service industries. Using a broad definition of Transport & Supply Chain Management, we tackle supply chain problems in for-profit and non-profit environments. The former includes airlines, retailers, wholesale companies, logistics service providers, rail operators and short-sea and long-distance shipping, while the latter includes the healthcare sector, the public sector and non-governmental organizations in fields such as humanitarian aid.

Supply chain management is impossible without advanced information systems. We look at the suitability of supply chain information systems such as warehouse, transport and order management systems. We model the analysis, design and operation of supply chains and discuss and evaluate decision-making tools and methods for supply chain management.

Students will become thoroughly familiar with the organization of flows of goods and services and related flows of money and information in supply chains and transportation networks. Core aspects include the organization, design, maintenance, usage and optimization of supply chain strategy, processes and cooperation in these networks. We look at supply chains and transportation networks both from a micro and meso perspective (e.g. transport and logistics processes) and at the macro level (e.g. government regulations and the environment).